Sunday, March 15, 2015

Figurative Painting, of Hands "THE COMMUNITY QUILT" by Contemporary Realism Artist Carol A. McIntyre

A visual artist's voice is rarely heard in words. Inspired by history, I pursued my dream of creating a large body of artwork commemorating the women of the 1800's. This memoir is an intimate glimpse into my artistic life, creative decision making, the struggles and triumphs, and the lessons learned while painting my passion. 

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The art of patchwork quilting is all-American & is perhaps one of the first visible forms of recycling. An old shirt or pair of dungarees often found new life in a bed covering. Here, the local community gathers to quilt the finished cover to the batting and to discuss current events of the day. Quilting provided a means of self-expression. Through color, patterns, images & words woven into their quilts, women demonstrated their creativity, told stores & commemorated significant events. For example, quilts with certain patterns or hung outside in certain ways, were used to direct slaves to freedom.

14"x22" Watercolor on Paper/Available

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A 9.25"x13" limited edition giclee print is available for $95.00.

Please contact Carol to purchase. The image is printed on archival watercolor paper with a 1.5" border. It is a lovely reproduction of the original.

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