Monday, March 16, 2015

Figurative Painting, of Hands "ALWAYS ON THE MOVE " by Contemporary Realism Artist Carol A. McIntyre

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Everything women did in their quest to tame the prairie was time consuming, even changing clothes! Though fashion may be thought to have been far from their minds, plains women stayed in touch with the latest trends. And Indian women were fairly quick to incorporating the lighter calico fabrics created by whites out east. These high button boots, for example, may have been part of an outfit that included gloves and a shawl, topped off by an elaborate adorned bonnet.

13"x21" Watercolor on Paper/SOLD

A 9"x 14.25" limited edition giclee print is available for $95.00. Please contact Carol to purchase. The image is printed on archival watercolor paper with a 1.5" border. It is a lovely reproduction of the original.

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