Thursday, January 10, 2013

"BE MINE" Original impressionism floral still life watercolor painting by Janice Trane Jones

This is a large watercolor original impressionism floral still life that just exudes romance and love. I'm hoping that someone with a very giving and romantic side will make this their own or give it to their sweetheart. The style is loose and the colors are varied. The painting measures 22 x 30 unframed but the purchase INCLUDES a white mat that measures 30 x 40. Once framed this painting could be the art centerpiece for a room or on a very large wall. A 5" frame would make this 40 x 50. To purchase this or other paintings go to or contact me at The purchase price is $475, shipping extra depending on destination. 

 A Simple Bouquet
© Chris
I stopped at the store to buy you a bouquet
What I found is that it had a whole lot to say
The flowers each stood for a part of our life
And they were meant for you, my beautiful wife

The yellow one stands for a little girl we both know
She’s pretty and sweet and always ready to go
She sings little girl songs and has beautiful dark hair
God gave us an angel for our hearts to share

The white rose represents the little boy in our home
There are days that I know he won't leave you alone
He’s happy, and smart, and full of such joy
We're lucky to be blessed with such a sweet boy

The red one’s a sign of the love we that WE share
Over time we have proven just how much we care
We love in the ways that makes others just wish
And hope for each other with a smile and a kiss

That ribbon that holds the bouquet in a bunch
I didn't get it at first, yet it means so much
It stands for your love in our home every day
As the center of our family in every way

This bouquet in the store, I'll just have to get
The best part of this is, it isn't done yet
There are more flowers to add, more times to have fun
More nights full of laughter, and more days full of sun

So the next time I bring flowers, I hope that you know
Your love means much more to me than I could ever show

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