Friday, October 7, 2011

"Fall's Bounty" watercolor by Texas Artist Linda Bein

"Fall's Bounty"
transparent watercolor
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This watercolor brings back the memories of the fall in in western New York State.  We would ride the wagon and pick apples in the apple orchards and have cider and donuts after our work was done.  Then we would go home and my daughters would help make apple muffins, bread, and pies, and of course their favorite, homemade applesauce.   We would pick out our pumpkins in the pumpkin patches   There were always stands selling gourds and squash.  Some of those squash were 15" long and 4-5 inches in diameter. They make the best chocolate zucchini bread.  I will say that the squash in Texas is small, I thought everything was bigger in Texas????  whats up with that?  Probably not enough rain!!!!

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