Saturday, March 19, 2011

If I Only Had A Brain, Watercolor for the Straw Hat Series by Debbie Flood

I finished If I only had a brain. 16 x 15 Watercolor, $1,200.00. This painting was painted for the Straw Hat Series.
This well pump came from my grandmother, and now my brother has it, and the hat belongs to my father.
Keeping it 'all in the family'.
This poor hat....there he sits...on such a deep subject (The Well), and no brain inside of him to be able to think such deep thoughts! He's in quite a predicament! It doesn't look like he's going to acquire a brain anytime soon either. Out in the vastness of nowhere...sitting on such a deep subject.

The Straw Hat series started with my father's hat and him and my youngest boy playing with it. From the 1st painting I did, of my father, in the watercolor titled: Contented, I soon realized that I wanted to do a series and put the placement of human conditions and emotions to the hat. It soon became, not about the people who might be wearing the hats, but about the conditions we are able to place upon objects that are not alive, but we still have empathy for. It's about the emotions and thoughts that humans harbor. Being able to bring those emotions through, in an object that isn't living, in a painting, is the challenge! Will you, the viewer, feel these things when viewing the painting? Will you know how the hat feels? Will you even notice? And the real question,: Do you or I notice in real life, when it is a human that has these feelings? How often do we over look what is really going on in someone's life?
These are just a few things that my Straw Hat Series is teaching me, and I hope to open the eyes of others to these things as well.
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