Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knot listening, A Watercolor from the Straw Hat Series by Debbie Flood, And Hello!

I want to introduce myself, and say thank you to Contemporary Fine Art International for jurying me into their Membership as a Professional Member! I am Debbie Flood, a Maine based artist exploring the emotional connection of horses and man/woman. This has been an ever elusive topic that I will never tire of, trying to figure out what the connection is!
I also branch out into other areas of most interest to me, such as the Past of my City, Belfast [Maine]. I have a Series of watercolors going on, titled "Belfast's past". This is a fun project, digging around in the Historical Museum in Belfast, Maine, finding more about myself, ancestors and the way of life back in the early 1900's. I also donate a % to the Museum from sales of the original paintings and Limited Edition Giclee Prints.

Another series in Watercolor that I am working on is the "Straw Hat Series". Now this is really fun! It all started with my father's straw hat, when he and my son were playing around with it. I did up a few paintings of them, and realized that the human emotions and conditions can be applied to the hats and the humans in the art were just the 'props'. So I am exploring now, emotions and thoughts that we have, only applying them to the hats. Bringing the hats to life, so to speak. The painting pictured above is the latest watercolor for this series. It is titled Knot listening.
I hope that you will enjoy my postings and the journey that I am on with my art.
For more info and images of these series and other art that I create, you can find on my website
Thank you for reading and enjoying my creations,
Debbie Flood

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