Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wildlife Art,Reptile, Nature "Senor Iguana" The Art of Nature, Fine Art by Mindy Lighthipe

This iguana painting is not a painting of just any iguana, but my rescued iguana, named Father Mulcahy! Father M came to live with me after he got too big for his aquarium. He was over 4 feet long and loved to be part of the family. I had a house full of rescue cats and he fit right in. He loved to chase the cats throughout the house and bask in the sun on top of the cat condo. He was a sweet and intelligent animal that responded to human touch and loved to watch television.... his favorite show was M*A*S*H! When he passed away I was heartbroken and painted his portrait to show how gentle and beautiful he was. The painting was included in Splash 15 by North Light Books. The original painting is available as well as canvas prints

11"x14" Watercolor on Paper/Available


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Fine Art Reproductions in Multiple Sizes Are  also Available HERE

Study with Mindy Lighthipe in Costa Rica in 2018!!

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