Thursday, August 8, 2013

Home from El Paso Texas, and Painting Mission Doors, with a Young Lady from the 1800’s. By Deborah Flood.


Well, I’ve been home, back in the studio for about three weeks now.  I was on the road for about three weeks in July, traveling to El Paso Texas and back, for my Solo Exhibit in the International Museum of Art of El Paso Texas. What a wonderful trip that was, and accompanied by my eldest son.

While there, in El Paso, we were taken on a Mission Trail tour. Wow, the History of those buildings. They were/are gorgeous. So much so, that my first painting, back home, I am including one set of Mission doors in the background of the painting.

Here is the work in progress, as of today.

La Grace progress 12 Medium Web view

This Watercolor painting is titled La Grace, (Game of Graces) and is 27 x 21 inches on 300lb Arches Watercolor Paper. (still a work in progress).

This young Lady is playing a game from the 1800's called La Grace (Game of Graces). Only the girls could play this game, and it was the only "sport" they were allowed to play back then. It is with two sticks, and a hoop of pretty ribbon.

The young lady  has to put the sticks in the hoop and proceed to throw the hoop with the sticks, towards another girl, who then catches the hoop on her sticks. Boys didn't play this game, or were not allowed. However, one boy would, if the girl needed a partner to catch the hoop and throw it back to her, because there were no other girls around to play.

The name of the game “La Grace” or “Game of Graces” is derived, from the act of how they had to throw the hoop, giving them "grace" to their movements.

This particular girl, is full of joy. And as she is running/hopping along, she is holding onto her hat so it doesn't fall off. She's so excited about playing the game!

The Mission doors in the background of La Grace watercolor, are the Ysleta Mission doors, El Paso, Texas. This Mission is on the Mission Trail, of Historical Missions, in El Paso. As the “oldest continuously active parish in the State of Texas”, the Ysleta Mission represents over 300 years of Texas history. Built in 1682 by the Tigua Indian community, this historic landmark resides in what is recognized as the oldest community in Texas.
Info about this Mission was gathered from

The doors in this painting, are painted from my own photos I snapped while visiting this Mission in person.

So much History in this piece of artwork!

Thank you for looking and reading. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the games children played in the 1800’s and the History of an El Paso Mission.

~Deborah Flood


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