Monday, June 24, 2013

"Hollyhock Delight I & II" Original impressionism garden watercolors by Janice Trane Jones

These are two 11 x 22 companion original impressionism garden watercolor paintings. They are painted on 300 lb cold pressed paper and high grade pigments. They depict the wonderful presence of the tall and regal hollyhocks in the garden. Many times I have driven by homes or businesses and seen these georgous flowers standing tall above the other flowers. They are a garden favorite of many individuals and are always present in the best of gardens. To purchase this or other paintings go to or contact me at

"HOLLYHOCKS" by Robert Henry Forster

THE azure-plumed Delphiniums are at rest;
The tall Anchusas bear but pods of seed;
But here are beauties of another breed,
And who can say which race is loveliest?
Even Solomon himself might have confessed
His wisdom useless, had it been decreed
That he should solve the problem; nor indeed
Would he be wise that durst attempt the quest.
Fair was the azure glory, but as fair
Are these tall spires of Hollyhock that show
An equal beauty of a different hue.
This fairy pink, like sunset's afterglow,
May with the earlier brilliancy compare,
And compensate us for the vanished blue.

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