Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Spokane Story Teller with Appaloosa Horse in Watercolor by Debbie Flood

Spokane Story Teller Large Web view

Spokane Story Teller 17 x 21 inches Watercolor on 300lb Watercolor Paper. $1,400.00 USD

The Spokane Story Teller is finished.  Boy, there sure was/is a lot of detail in this painting, but I had so much fun with it!

I thank Debbie Herzman for her generosity, of supplying images to me, of her costumes that she sewed for her own Appaloosa Horses. And for taking the time to give me background information on the Costume.

This story teller, was from the Spokane Tribe, in Spokane, Washington. The Story Teller was embellished with many beads, and shells and she wore the hat of a White Man.

The Appaloosa Horse, on the red saddle bag, represents the Spokane Lady at the Horse Parade.

I plan on putting this painting into the International Museum of Art of El Paso, Texas, Solo Exhibit in 2013. The painting will be available for purchase through the Museum, during that time.

Thank you for following the progress of this painting. I enjoyed painting it, and I hope you enjoyed watching.

Next up, for the Tribal theme, is a Warrior, his War Horse and the Warrior Shirt he has been honored with.



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