Monday, July 25, 2011

“The Coolest Place In Town”-Bullet. Watercolor by Debbie Flood

 The coolest place in town Bullet Medium Web view

Here I am, playing a little ‘catch-up’ with my Blog posts! I’ve been painting fast and furious, to capture my feelings and experiences of New Mexico! My Blog posts got a little behind.

This watercolor, here, is of ‘Bullet’. He’s the horse I rode on the Road Runner Tours in Angel Fire, New Mexico. We took a ride up into the Mountains, well, actually the head quarters was sitting on the mountain! We rode for two hours into the Forest and across a field or two. I was in Seventh Heaven!

On the ride, we came out of the Forest into a clearing that over looked distant fields, Mountains and Eagle Nest Lake. Before we stopped, for some candid photo shots, I had a Butterfly flutter up between Bullet’s ears, over the crest of his neck, the saddle horn, and into my face! Over the top of my head it went, and I warned the rider behind me to watch out for that crazy Butterfly! But before I had the whole sentence out, it veered off into the woods, not bothering the horse and rider behind me. A few minutes after, I had another one do the same exact thing!

We finished up our ride, and back at the ranch, I took a bunch of photos. I hung out in the paddock with Bullet and his friends. Bullet and I formed a really great bond, and I think of him now, often. This painting I have posted here, is after the ride and Bullet hanging out by the water trough. Titled: The coolest place in town, Watercolor on 300lb Arches Watercolor paper, image size: 11 x 14 inches. If you are interested in purchasing this painting, send me an email at thank you.

The next day, after the ride, I drove to Eagle Nest Lake and the Cimarron Mountains. At a gift store there, I found a T-Shirt with butterflies all over it. With that Butterfly moment on Bullet, I just had to have the T-shirt!

The next day, after purchasing the Butterfly T-shirt, I took a day trip into Taos with CheyAnne. I told her about my Butterfly experience and the T-shirt. She had a look on her face, like, “No way!” She then proceeded to tell me the New Mexico Spiritual meaning of having a Butterfly flutter into your face.

“When a Butterfly flutters into your face, You are Blessed”.

I had two get into my face, one right after the other.

Bullet and I are very blessed.

Love and Peace to you all,


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